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Yale Adds Sleek New Smart Lock to Assure Series

Thu, April 06, 2017
Yale Locks & Hardware brings a new minimalist, contemporary design aesthetic to its Assure Lock family
assure smart lock + navis paddle on open door

Yale Locks & Hardware brings a new minimalist, contemporary design aesthetic to its Assure Lock family of deadbolts with the introduction today of the new Yale Assure Lock SL electronic deadbolt.

The new lock is a touchscreen, key free design that can be used as a standalone keypad lock or upgraded with the addition of a Yale Network Module for integration into a home automation or alarm system, including Samsung SmartThings, Wink,, ADT, Honeywell, and Qolsys, among others.

The Assure Lock SL has a smaller footprint and slimmer profile than other Yale smart locks, and features a black touchscreen set in a sleek and slender metal bezel. It’s available in three finishes – satin nickel, oil rubbed bronze and polished brass.

The deadbolt’s clean, modern look doesn’t sacrifice quality, with weather-tight construction and a bright capacitive touchscreen that wakes when touched. The keyless design enhances security since there’s no cylinder to pick or bump. When used as a standalone deadbolt, the Assure Lock SL is unlocked by entering a pin code using the touchscreen. It can hold up to 25 codes that can be changed or deleted at any time.

The proprietary modular design of the Assure Lock SL makes it easy to enroll the lock in a smart home system with the addition of a Z-Wave®, ZigBee® or HomeKit® (coming soon) network module, available on Z-Wave or ZigBee versions of the Assure Lock SL are compatible with Amazon Alexa when used in conjunction with a Samsung SmartThings Hub and app or Wink Hub and app (Z-Wave only).

The Yale Assure Lock SL will be available in May.

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