Yale Smart Delivery Box
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Meet the Yale Smart Delivery Box

A safer, more convenient way to receive packages.
Never miss a delivery
Works with all delivery carriers
Deter package theft
Weather protected
No more missed or stolen packages.
Don’t worry about being home to receive packages – Yale will keep them secured until you’re ready to retrieve them with this package drop box.
Plus, you'll always know they've arrived with the Yale Access App.
Yale Smart Delivery Box with Wi-Fi Brighton
Yale Smart Delivery Box
Beautifully designed to fit seamlessly on your porch
Wi-Fi access
Control from anywhere using the app.*
Delivery notifications
Receive a phone alert once your package arrives
Keypad access
Unlock the box using the keypad.**
Additional security
Weight the box with sand or tether it. **
Keep it cool
Available with insulated cooler for food deliveries.**
Delivery mode
Auto-locks once delivery is made.
How it works
Step 1
Download the Yale Access app, create an account, and use the in-app guide to complete setup.
Step 2
Set up the Yale Smart Delivery Box outside your home where packages are typically received.
Step 3
The Yale Smart Delivery Box will be unlocked until the first package is delivered.
Step 4
Once the package is dropped in the box, and the lid is closed, the box will automatically lock.
Yale Access app available on
Frequently asked questions

Our package delivery box is sold in two styles, Kent and Brighton. Each style comes with the box including the box base, installation hardware, the boxes’ smart lock with batteries, Yale Connect Wi-Fi Bridge, and installation manual. Certain models are also sold with the Yale Smart Keypad including batteries, installation hardware and mounting tape.

The Kent style is 19” High x 24.625” Wide x 28” Deep. It fits most standard package sizes; up to 16” High x 22” Wide x 13” Deep.

The Brighton style is 24” High x 28” Wide x 18” Deep. It fits most standard package sizes; up to 16.5” High x 22.5” Wide x 11.5” Deep.

Both package boxes are designed to fit nicely on your porch.

Place your box, wherever you most commonly receive packages. It needs to be within 10 feet of the Yale Connect (included).

All delivery providers can deliver into the Yale Smart Delivery Box. The box has a feature called “Delivery Mode” that leaves the box unlocked each morning until your first delivery is made. The driver simply lifts the lid of the box, places your packages in the box, and then closes the lid using the easy to use safety latch. You’ll receive a notification that the delivery was made and you can choose to either unlock the box to allow for another delivery or leave the box locked until you are ready to retrieve your package.

With the Yale Smart Keypad, you can also provide drivers and trusted family/friends with entry codes for convenient access.

Easily designate your parcel box as your preferred delivery location and receive alerts when packages are delivered by creating a delivery profile with each major carrier: FedEx, UPS and USPS. When shopping with Amazon, you’re able to indicate your preferred delivery instructions for the driver. We also recommend printing out this door hanger and placing it on your front door for a few weeks to help train the drivers.

Yes! The Yale Smart Delivery Box is perfect for receiving groceries or food deliveries. You can purchase this cooler insert to help protect perishables.

The Smart Delivery Box has 100 lbs of holding force on the lid, this makes it incredibly difficult to force open. As an added security measure to prevent theft, you can add 40 lbs of sand to the base or purchase a tether to secure the box.

When you receive your first delivery, you will receive a notification on your phone via the Yale Access App to notify you that your package has been delivered. If you are expecting additional deliveries throughout the day, you have the option to keep your box unlocked until your final delivery has arrived.