How to Connect Yale Smart Locks to Alexa via SmartThings

Amid the many DIY smart home options available today, Samsung SmartThings has emerged as one of the most popular, in large part because of its simplicity and the wide range of devices it integrates with. That includes Yale Assure smart locks with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, Z-Wave Plus, or Zigbee technology. Now, thanks to Amazon Alexa, you can lock your SmartThings-connected Yale smart locks or check current lock status, with just your voice!

Here’s how to get started.

1. What Do I Need? A Compatible Yale Smart Lock with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, Z-Wave or Zigbee: 

Choose from three types of smart locks that are compatible with Samsung SmartThings

2. Get Your Smart Home Devices Ready

  • Samsung SmartThings Hub 
  • Amazon Alexa device (Echo, Tap or Dot)

3. Download and Set Up Your Smart Home Apps

  • Download the Samsung SmartThings mobile app for Android or iOS and create an account.
  • Set up your Amazon Alexa device and download the Amazon Alexa mobile app for Android or iOS. You’ll use your usual Amazon account to login with this app.

4. Install Your Yale Lock

  • Follow the instructions in the installation manual that came with your lock. Manuals can also be found here.
  • To make it even easier, download the BILT app for 3D installation instructions with voice guidance! Find it here for iOS. Find it here for Android.
  • Program your master pin code.
  • Enroll your Z-Wave or ZigBee network module (typically packaged separately inside the Yale lock packaging):
    • Remove the battery cover and batteries
    • Insert the network module
    • Reinstall the batteries and battery cover
    • Enter the 4- to 8-digit Master pin code, then press the “gear” button
    • Tap 7 followed by “gear”
    • Tap 1 followed by “gear”

5. Connect Your Yale Lock To SmartThings and Alexa

First, make sure the optional Network Module is installed in the Yale lock. Then in the SmartThings app:

  • Tap “My Home”
  • Under “Things”, tap “Add a Thing” at the bottom of the “Things” list
  • The app will display, “Looking for devices…”
  • While the Hub searches, bring the lock within 10 feet of the Hub, then:
    • If needed, press any key on the lock to wake it
    • Enter the 4- to 8-digit Master PIN code followed by the # or “gear” key
    • Press 7 followed by # or “gear”
    • Press 1 followed by # or “gear”
    • Wait up to 60 seconds
    • When the device is discovered, it will be listed at the top of the screen
    • Tap the device to rename it and then tap “Done”
      • *Tip: We recommend naming your door something simple like, “Front Door” or “Back Door” since this is the name you’ll use when speaking to Alexa.
      • When finished, tap “Save”
      • Tap “Ok” to confirm
      • Connect Alexa To SmartThings

Next in the Amazon Alexa app:

  • Tap the menu (three horizontal lines in the top left corner)
  • Tap “Smart Home”
  • Scroll to “Your Smart Home Skills”
  • Tap “Get More Smart Home Skills”
  • Enter “SmartThings” in the search field
  • Tap “Enable” for SmartThings
  • Enter your SmartThings email and password
  • Tap “Log in”
  • Choose your SmartThings location in the “From” menu
  • Tap “Authorize” (Note: You can limit the devices Alexa accesses later in the SmartThings app)
  • Once authorized, the following message appears: “Alexa has been successfully linked with SmartThings.”
  • Tap “X” to close the window and begin device discovery

6. Allow Alexa To Find Your Lock

In the previous steps, you gave Amazon Alexa permission to access your SmartThings devices and Routines. Now your Amazon Alexa device needs to “discover” or locate your lock.

In the Amazon Alexa app:

  • After closing the success message in the previous steps, the Alexa app automatically directs you to discover devices
  • Tap “Discover Devices”
  • Wait for device discovery to complete
  • Note: “Discover Devices” will also discover your Routines

If Alexa does not begin discovering devices:

  • In the Amazon Alexa app, tap the menu
  • Tap “Smart Home”
  • Scroll to “Your Devices”
  • Tap “Discover Devices”
  • Wait for device discovery to complete
  • A progress bar appears in the Amazon Alexa app while Alexa looks for SmartThings devices and Routines you have authorized access to. This can take up to 20 seconds.
  • When discovery completes, discovered devices and Routines will list under “Your Devices” in the “Smart Home” section of the Amazon Alexa app


You’re done with setup and ready to use Alexa’s hands-free voice control for your SmartThings devices!

Tips for an even smarter home:

  • Alexa can lock your doors and also tell you the status of your locks. Just give Alexa voice commands like the following examples:
    • “Alexa, lock the front door.”
    • "Alexa, is the back door locked?”
  • When asking Alexa to lock or check lock status, you must use the name of your lock as it appears in your SmartThings app (i.e. “Front Door”)

For security reasons, Alexa cannot unlock locks. Also at this time, Alexa does not support Routines with lock devices, and Groups with locks added to them in Alexa will not run.

SmartThings-connected Yale Locks with Alexa allows you to control your SmartThing devices with only your voice giving you unprecedented control over your home.