If you’ve been looking for a new product to upgrade your home life, Yale Home has the newest item for you. Introducing the all-new Yale Assure Lock 2, a collection of smart locks with the latest smart home tech to make your everyday life as convenient and secure as possible. We created a guide on how Assure Lock 2 fits perfectly into your life, whether you’re always on the go, a smart home enthusiast, an interior decorator or a DIY-er.

For The Person On the Go

Smart locks aren’t just household upgrades to maximize the safety of you and your family. The Assure Lock 2 collection offers a range of everyday lifestyle benefits - especially if you’re always on the go. You can ditch your keys (never forget or worry about carrying them again), use auto-lock when you’re rushing out of the house, and auto-unlock when your hands are full coming into the house. Assure Lock 2 makes home access more seamless and convenient wherever you are.

For The Tech Enthusiast

For smart home junkies, we know keeping your home connected is important to you. Fortunately, the Assure Lock 2 collection is smart out of the box to offer seamless integration into any smart home! With the right connectivity, Assure Lock 2 is compatible with a variety of third-party security and automation systems, including Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Apple HomeKit.* So if you’ve already invested in the latest smart home gear, you can triple-check that your front door is locked by asking your voice assistant or set routines with Philips Hue smart lights for a cohesive smart home experience. 

For The Decorator

You spend so much time picking out furnishings and decor for your home, your smart lock should give off an equally stellar first impression of the front door. The sleek, universal look of the Assure Lock 2 is made to complement any home aesthetic, even as trends evolve over time. You can choose between a keyed or key-free lock, a touchscreen or a push button model, and decide if you prefer a black suede, satin nickel or oil-rubbed bronze finish to match your front door’s hardware. 

For The Home DIY-er For those who love to always have a project around the house, big or small, this is the perfect DIY job for you. All Assure Lock 2 models are self-installable with just a screwdriver and are easily set up via the Yale Access app. They’re the most versatile deadbolt-replacing smart locks for U.S. and Canadian entryway doors so you’re bound to find something that works without any modifications. 

For the Rental Property Owner

If you're in the property rental game, you can connect the lock with your Airbnb account for easy management of guest access from arrival throughout their stay. Create unique codes that work for the duration of the stay, grant access to cleaning services and more. This will make sure your guests’ experience is as convenient as possible and will give you a peace of mind. 


So let’s recap: if you’re always on the go and looking to make your day-to-day life more convenient; a tech-lover who’s looking for seamless smart home connectivity; a designer who doesn’t want to sacrifice aesthetic for security; or a DIY hobbyist (or a combination of them all!), the Yale Assure Lock 2 collection is the perfect option for you. Check out the new Yale Assure Lock 2 collection now available for purchase - you don’t want to miss it! 


*Remote access, real-time notifications and integrations with Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Airbnb require a Yale Wi-Fi Smart Module.