As we start a new year, many of us are beginning to map out future travel plans. But leaving your home unattended with important documents and precious valuables inside can add stress while trying to escape. This year, travel with confidence when you safeguard your valuables with the new Yale Smart Safe.

Plan to Protect Specific Items

Take time to identify and organize the important items that need to be safeguarded at home like birth certificates, social security cards, valuable jewelry, and sentimental items. With the Yale Smart Safe’s door-activated light, included shelf, and key hooks, you’ll be able to easily see and arrange your valuables inside the safe. Being intentional about what you place in the smart safe will help you feel secure that those items are protected while you’re out of town.

Stay Connected with Your Cache

Feel connected to your valuables even when you’re away. The Yale Smart Safe with Wi-Fi allows you to generate and share unique codes for trusted friends and family to access the safe, in addition to monitoring the safe’s activity from your phone. This way, you can ensure that if anyone opens the safe, it’s an approved person who’s supposed to have access. The included Yale Connect Wi-Fi Bridge allows you to receive notifications in the Yale Access app activity feed whether you’re near or far, creating a record each time it’s used for a full-transparency experience.

Rest Easy with Top-notch Security 

Finally, head out of town with confidence and peace of mind, knowing your valuables are safeguarded in a safe designed for optimum security. The safe is made of steel with an anti-pry laser-cut door, two anti-saw bolts and tamper alarms. You can go on vacation knowing that Yale has you covered.

The Yale Smart Safe is the security solution you can rely on during your travels this year. A combination of intentional design and smart connectivity make this smart safe a security must-have. No matter what items you want to safeguard—if you value it, we protect it.