We’re pleased to introduce the latest smart locks from Yale Home: Yale Assure Lock® 2 Plus and Yale Assure Lock® 2 Touch. Yale is expanding its flagship Assure Lock 2 collection by introducing their first-ever smart lock with fingerprint capabilities in the Yale Assure Lock® 2 Touch, along with their pioneering smart lock to support Apple home keys in the Yale Assure Lock® 2 Plus. Check out a few of the top features below! 

Home Access with Just One Tap

Unlocking your front door just got easier for Apple users with the Yale Assure Lock® 2 Plus. With the brand’s first smart lock to support Apple home keys, this device empowers users to unlock their door with a single tap from the iPhone and/or Apple Watch without an access code or key. Members of the same Apple Home will automatically have a home key added to their Apple Wallet upon initial setup. Need to share access to your home? No worries. You can easily invite someone to your Apple Home so they can access your door on your terms.

Your Fingerprint is Now Your Key

Looking for a smart lock with multiple points of entry? The Yale Assure Lock® 2 Touch gives you key-free access with the scan of your fingerprint. With 99% accuracy and <0.5 second recognition time, your fingerprint is the fastest and most secure way to unlock your home. On top of that, you can lock and unlock your home directly on the touchscreen of the lock, or use the Auto-Lock/Auto-Unlock feature, your favorite voice assistant (Amazon Alexa, Apple Home, or Google Home™), the Yale Access app, or even a traditional key (with keyed models). Assure Lock 2 Touch can store up to 20 different fingerprints, meaning trusted guests can also take advantage of this feature. 

Manage Your Smart Lock From Anywhere

For users who want to manage their smart lock while they’re away from home, both the Assure Lock 2 Plus and Assure Lock 2 Touch offer a Wi-Fi version that lets you manage your smart lock from anywhere. Wi-Fi allows remote locking and unlocking, activity feed monitoring, and granting guest access when you’re not home, eliminating the hassle of exchanging keys altogether. 

Add A Pop of Design to Your Front Door 

While many smart locks have a bulky design, the Assure Lock 2 collection features a sleek, elegant, and compact touchscreen design that blends seamlessly into any home. Assure Lock 2 Touch is available in three timelines finishes: black suede, oil rubbed bronze and satin nickel. Assure Lock 2 Plus is available in black suede and satin nickel, with oil rubbed bronze coming soon. 

Whether you’ve just purchased a new home or are looking to upgrade to a smart lock, Yale has you covered. So if you’re ready to go completely key-free with the brand new Yale Assure Lock 2 Plus and Yale Assure Lock 2 Touch, head over to ShopYaleHome.com, Amazon and Best Buy and snag either smart lock today!