A game-changer for smart homes is coming.
Why does it matter to you?

Smart connectivity should be simple and reliable. Matter was created to become a new universal standard for connected things. Products that are Matter-enabled will live on this secure platform and work seamlessly with each other, now and well into the future.

One-Stop Shop for All Your Smart Home Devices & Eco-Systems

Finally! A unified smart home experience without the need to have multiple hubs to sync and control each element.

Say Hello to Ultimate Connectivity

No more confusion over what devices work with your smart home. If you see the Matter logo, its a seal of approval that your devices will work well together.

Setup More Streamlined Than Ever

Spend less time on set-up, and more time enjoying your smart home. Matter devices use similar steps for connection, starting by simply scanning a QR code. Plus, once you're connected, you'll experience longer battery life, thanks to Matter.

Launching Soon –
Matter Smart Module for Yale Assure Locks

Yale Assure Locks* will be fully compatible with the Matter Smart Module. Get the new Yale Assure Lock 2 today and sign up to be notified once the Matter Smart Module releases.

*The Yale Matter Smart Module will not be compatible with Yale Assure Lever at launch.

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