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Yale Welcomes a Brand-new Day with a Refreshed Brand Identity

Tue, September 15, 2020
A global brand in ASSA ABLOY’s portfolio and one that has been trusted by customers for 180 years, Yale’s rebrand reflects its expansion past locks into full home and commercial security
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 Being a household name in many countries worldwide, and with the world constantly shifting and changing to suit the digital lifestyle of many, Yale has released a rebrand just in time for the company’s 180th anniversary. Staying relevant in a time of rapid industry change, Yale has benefitted from its 180 years of heritage in developing security solutions for residential and commercial properties. It now offers not only a refreshed brand identity, but globally unified technology and products that will offer a consistent user experience and trusted solutions to consumers.

“Maintaining customer confidence through consistent, thoughtful innovation has been the secret of our success, and our new identity reflects that legacy of trust,” said Jason Williams, President of the Smart Residential Group U.S., ASSA ABLOY. “With over 180 years of experience protecting everything from homes to office buildings, we’re preparing for the next 180 years with a fresh, modern identity.’’

The rebrand comes as the smart security space is moving from mechanical products to innovative smart home solutions. ‘’Mechanical products have always been an important part of our business, but demand for digitalization and smart home security solutions have increased over the years,” said Martin Huddart, Head of Smart Residential at ASSA ABLOY. “We’re committed to constantly innovating our products to meet our customers’ needs, whether through our established mechanical products or leading smart technology offerings. Our new branding reflects this promise to always provide trust, security and safety to our residential and commercial customers.’’ 

The new branding will define Yale’s shared global identity and allow the company to offer an excellent, customized customer experience that will respond intelligently to everyone’s needs. Just like the sun, Yale is always there when needed, supporting and making people feel safe at any time of day. Trusted every day, Yale aims to be the world’s most trusted home security brand. Through the use of an updated logo, sounds, colors, typeface and other design elements, Yale is focusing on warmth, trust and other positive emotions that its consumers feel towards Yale products.

With brand values like understanding and putting consumers’ needs first, continuous innovation, and aiming to create a seamless experience with an ecosystem of integrated products, platforms and services, Yale has been setting standards since 1840 and has worked hard to earn trust of consumers throughout the centuries. 

A wide range of smart products in the Yale ecosystem, such as Smart Locks and Smart Storage, connect to the user-friendly Yale Access app, the all new Yale mobile app that enables customers to remotely access and manage Yale smart products from their smartphone. The app allows users to lock and unlock, share access with trusted family, friends, and service providers, view access history, receive notifications on the lock’s activity, and check the lock’s battery life from wherever they are in the world. The app works alongside the Yale Connect Wi-Fi bridge to give users the ability to get their lock’s status and operate it remotely. 

To further support its efforts in bringing consumers trusted everyday convenience, the company has conducted a year-long project to refresh its brand identity. The home security expert has liaised with colleagues from across the business as well as those using Yale products in their everyday lives to create a modern, fresh and bright brand identity that has helped redefine the Yale story and will meet consumers’ future expectations.

The new branding comes into effect as Yale celebrates 180 years of trusted innovation in protecting the things and people that its consumers care about most. With this new branding, the company will continue to innovate and create solutions for a brilliant brand experience. 


About Yale

Yale, one of the oldest, international brands in the world, is the best-known name in the lock industry. A family business started in America, Linus Yale Jr. was experimenting with a lock based on a mechanism first employed by the ancient Egyptians over 4,000 years ago. This was how he came to invent the famous pin tumbler mechanism which is still used extensively in the security industry. 

Today, Yale protects millions of homes and businesses worldwide and is the brand behind mechanical and smart locks of every design and function in over 125 countries. Yale products have been helping people to secure the people and things they care about most since 1840.


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