When we’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed, we all have our ways of relaxing and unwinding. For many of us, a little exercise, meditation, or a quiet moment listening to music can calm us down. But did you know that decluttering your personal space can also have positive effects on your mental health? That’s why Spring cleaning is always the best time to reset and reorganize your home. 

To inspire you to declutter for the sake of your sanity, we’ve put together the four top benefits of organizing your home. Plus, we included some clever Yale Smart Home tips that can help things feel a little less hectic — whether around the house, or when you’re out and about. 

Create a Sense of Security and Control 

Oftentimes, stress and anxiety are sparked by feeling out of control. There are too many things on your plate, and you don’t know where to start. Spring cleaning and decluttering your home can help you regain that sense of control, and breathe a little easier. 

Simple smart home devices like the Yale Smart Cabinet Lock are a great addition to your Spring cleaning journey, helping to ensure your cleaning supplies are stored tidily and safely. With this clever lock, there’s no need for the added stress of children or pets rummaging through your supplies. Plus, you can use it to organize and secure other items you want to keep out of harm’s way, such as medicine or jewelry. 

Trust the Process to Release Stress 

The very process of Spring cleaning can be just as relaxing as unwinding to a favorite song or television show. Because organizing is methodical, it allows us to slow down and focus on one thing at a time. 

Decluttering pros recommend working in stages, starting with what you can see, and moving through each section of a room individually. Trying to grab everything at once will only make things feel more hectic — which isn’t what we’re going for!

Relieve Anxiety With a Clean Slate 

You’ve probably noticed that the messier your physical space, the more anxious you feel. That’s because the environments we occupy have a very noticeable impact on our emotional state. 

Keeping things physically clean helps us maintain a clearer mind and relieve anxiety. You can organize valuables and lock away things in your space that you don’t use that often (say extra space in a garage) and make sure they’re kept secure with the Yale Assure Lever

Organize Work Spaces to Improve Focus 

An important area to prioritize when Spring cleaning is your work space, especially with many of us working from home. If your desk is covered with papers, empty cups and dog toys, you start to blur the boundary between the space where you focus, and the space where you unwind. 

A few small things you can do that will keep your work space decluttered is limiting personal items on your desk, investing in folders and organizers and finding a home for your gadgets to store after the workday is done. With the Yale Laptop Alarmed Value Safe you can lock away your valuables and personal belongings in your office for a clean space and extra security. 

We hope we’ve inspired you to try your hand at decluttering for clarity, relaxation, and comfort as Spring cleaning season approaches. Visit shopyalehome.com for more handy tools to keep your home organized and secure.