Your next home improvement project just got a whole lot sleeker. If you’re looking to bolster your home security and elevate your entryway’s curb appeal—this is for you. Now you can replace your traditional door lock with the Yale Assure Lock 2 and pair it with one of three handles that best matches your style. 

Upgrade Your Entryway. One DIY project can simultaneously give you peace of mind and create a first impression to be proud of. Install the Yale Assure Lock 2 to utilize key-free home access with one smart home gadget. Decide between the Yale Norwood, Yale Ridgefield and Yale Valdosta door handles to find the ideal timeless look that matches your front door aesthetic. This subtle and simple change will not only boost your home’s curb appeal but will allow you to streamline your smart home security. 

Ditch Your Keys for Good. Yale Assure Lock 2 allows you to come and go as you please without the fear of being locked out looming over your head. Set up Auto-Lock on the Yale Access app so that your smart lock automatically secures your home after you leave. Once you experience the convenience of keyless entry, you’ll never want to worry about locking up again.

Make it Easy for Visitors. Create custom entry codes for family, friends and helpers so they can stop by when you’re not home. There’s no need to interrupt your busy schedule or go through the extra effort to coordinate your guests’ arrival anymore. Dog walkers can pick up Spot for a walk without calling you and friends can check in on your house while you’re out of town without any fuss. Now they can safely drop in while you’re away for a streamlined and secure visit.

To make this home improvement project as seamless as possible, Yale Home is combining the Assure Lock 2 smart lock with three matching handles. Who said safety couldn’t be chic? 

Purchase the Yale Assure Lock 2 together with a sleek front door handle you’ve been eyeing! Head to today to purchase your Assure Lock 2 front door bundle